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Build a digital marketing strategy with clarity and focus

Feeling bogged down with the sheer number of choices involved when managing sales and marketing in your growing business?

Get expert help on how to focus on what really matters, so you can stop burning cash and start making profits.
Some of the smart people I've worked with since 2007
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Our help, your design

Digital marketing, sales conversations, the right brand, the right message, the right offer, the right way to package your products and's complex, but it doesn't have to be.

Work with us and - together - we'll cut through the noise and create a framework that delivers what your business really needs - a steady flow of customers from scratch.

We'll coach you until you feel you can make these crucial decisions and manage them without us.

It all starts with a chat!

Hi, I’m Michele, your Marketing Strategist,

I'm a Canadian living in South Africa who's lived in Taiwan, Poland and the United Kingdom (I can hardly believe it myself).

I've been doing this marketing stuff since 2007, helping both big and small companies around the world set and achieve their growth goals, and helped them reach them with creative and digital marketing strategies and execution oversight.

Check me out on LinkedIn, or start a Whatsapp chat with me.

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